stop and sit in silence for a moment

STOP. Breathe.
And sit in silence for a moment.

Do that again.

STOP. Breathe….aahhhh….yeah.

Sit in that sweet silence and remember who you are.
Turn off your phone and unplug from the cacophony of the sound of screaming people and media giving us violent images.

Stop. Breathe.

Feel your heart beating.
Connect with your body and soul.
Listen to the still small voice within you.
It is so simple…always there…always patiently waiting for your personality to catch up with the soul.

And now imagine that all of life could be lived from this place of inner freedom. Allow yourself to imagine that this is your real self. This is who you really are.

This is YOU.

This is you…becoming more awake and aware of the goodness that you are.

Your infinite self is here.

Enjoy the peace,
Cynthia Alice Anderson



cynthia alice anderson

cynthia alice anderson

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Cynthia Alice Anderson guides people to grow, prosper and evolve. Her vision is to ignite soul evolution in humanity.